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After trying out several flash players, I have concluced that the problem I
was having with others not getting audio, was just not my problem.
As the audio worked in other browsers, including opera, I decided to remove
the useless thing.

Then again, it could be the fact that browser authors are not maintaining
the technology and not implementing that correctly.

Re: Keeping up with the times

On Wed, 2 Oct 2013 23:51:47 -0400, richard wrote:
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That IE HTML5 Audio demo uses MPEG media as the sample songs. MPEG media can
cause problem for open source and non commercial softwares, so they're
treated differently. (AAC_or_MP3)


To avoid patent issues, support for MPEG 4, H.264, MP3 and AAC is not built
directly into Firefox. Instead it relies on support from the OS or hardware.
Firefox supports these formats on the following platforms:

Platform        Firefox version
Windows 7+      21.0
Windows Vista   22.0
Android         20.0
Firefox OS      15.0
OS X 10.7       ??

Firefox might need to be v21 or newer in Windows XP to play MPEG. It's not
yet supported in v18 under Windows XP.

MPEG in Opera is a no-no. No support in classic Opera v12.x whatsoever.
Opera v15+ probably doesn't support it too, since it's based on Chromium.

Re: Keeping up with the times

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No it the Player /  Browser wars you get caught up with
and Apple and Microsoft will win in the End

AOL / Netscape Dead do to the Wars

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Opera is a Co-belligerents
And will come out of the wars
as a good  browser
with OS Default  for a Player Plug-ins

For they started out alliance to
RealPlayer in the waging Player wars

Now they have no  Default
seeing that the Player war
can kill the Opera Browser

Looking for the Leading HTML5 & Flash Video Player?

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Be wise to the Opera technology

For Technology is Move to the
Cell Phones Operating system

In the list two years
Safari became the Number one Browser
Because of I-Phones
That makes Quit Time Player
Number One Users Player
With a Plug-in for Flash

It not the User Agents
(Browsers, Media Players)

But the Plug-ins to the User Agents
(Browsers, Media Players)

As Opera look at it
Not all have the same Players Plug-ins
That why they go with
the Operating system Default

Do to the age of a Operating system
And Webmaster inputs over the pass years
can make a Players Plug-ins
unworkable in some Browsers

Mac OS X  start out with
as their (Browser)
with Support for
Quick Time
as their Default Plug-ins

Microsoft Windows start out with
(Internet Explore)
as their (Browser)
with Support for
Windows Media Player
as their Default Plug-ins

Linux start out with
(Mozilla Firefox)
as their (Browser)
with Support for
MuitiMedia Player
as their Default Plug-ins

After that The Clients  Default Plug-ins
is F-up by Webmaster Who believe
that Their Favorite Player is
the One True Player

That ok with Apples and Microsoft
for they Will kill the WebPages of
Webmaster Who believe in that

It's now Cell-Phones that's  number one
as Computers fall to the wayside

Now you do know you have to add Code
to call and to install Plug-in to a Media Player
Being it  QTP, RP or FP on a Computer

2013 User Agents by hits
Microsoft Internet Explorer
A6-Indexer/1.0 Spiders, Crawlers and web robots
Mozilla Firefox

Quick Time
Windows Media Player
Adobe Flash Player

by plug-ins:
Adobe Flash Player
Windows Media Player
Quick Time Player
Real Player

Do to I-Phones plug-ins
Quick Time and Safari
is Number One

Just because you
do not have
Adobe Flash Player app
on your Apple  I-Phone

You do have a  Flash, WMP
plug-ins in your
Safari / Quick Time Player
And you need not have those plays app
To view Audios and Videos

Same with Microsoft Phones
it came with the Plug-ins
To view Audios and Videos of all Players

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