keeping track of bad link traders

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Link trading.
If you've done this honestly, you may have found that some people just run
link farms. Or link to you in a shitty way and demand to be linked their
(good) way- or throw you in a pr 0 or link farm place.

I want to either find a place that keeps track of bad traders and con
artists- or I want to create a database with it.

Any suggestions? Material I can be referenced to?

Re: keeping track of bad link traders

in alt.html, Jean Paul Sartre wrote:

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It won't be small job, and you can't do it very well either.

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Don't trade links with sites that you wouldn't link otherwise. Otherwise
you end up with bad links everywhere. It will take time from your primary
functions, which are much more important.

If you run site about Xyzzys, people are more intersted in Xyzzys than
links to related and especially irrelated sites. Your links are better
when they are either
a) the very basic, 10 most important websites about Xyzzy and closely
   related things (including the most comprehensive link page)
b) comprehensive link page for about everything related to Xyzzy

If there is no comprehensive link page and you don't have recources to
make one, some approach inbetween is also suitable...

Don't do link page which just links everyone back, from their complitely
irrelevant sites. Even if site would be somewhat relevant, don't link it
just because trading links. If it is not good enough site to link to, it
won't do any good having link to your place either.

Anyway, most link traders that contact you have less important site than
yours. If it was important link collection, then it wouln't require link
trading, and you would only notice it after notch uip in your logs.

And lastly: If your page is not already linked from the other page, don't
bother trading. If they only link to sites that link back, won't be
surprised that link to your place will disappear after next redisign. If
it is there.

All assumes that your content is not something bullshit, of course - make
yet another invalid html tutorial, and this approach won't work...

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