Just had to say thanks

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for all the help from the people in this group. I hope I can be as helpful
to others as well. My site is finally to the point where all I will do is
work on content. (and maybe the odd style change since it is so easy to do

About 6 years ago I used frames. (blah!)  That lasted about a month. What a
pain frames are. I moved to tables for layout until I found CSS. Two weeks
ago I decided to learn CSS and now I have come far enough to have made my
site (with this groups help) look as good as it ever has.

In my line of work (seasonal) I am off for the winter so I have some spare
time to learn new things. This winter I learned PHP, MySQL, and so much
about html (and CSS) that my brain hurts. ;o)

Let me know what you think of http://www.jcodling.com . I am open to
constructive comments and suggestions.

Thanks again!

C i R c U i T -=- J. Codling -=- www.jcodling.com

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Re: Just had to say thanks

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I love the windows source code!

I also would like to make the site work in most browsers seeing as I used
Slimbrowser (which is IE) to test the site it looked ok to me. That is that
flawed box model haunting me in IE. How do I make it work in other browsers
as well?

Re: Just had to say thanks

J. Codling wrote:
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(KISS) Keep It Simple - so that the difference(s) between browsers are minor
and inconsequential.

William Tasso

Re: Just had to say thanks

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I know what happened. I read into CSS that I could control the position of
items on the page. As I have a programmers kind of mindset I got excited and
placed (absolute) allot of the graphics and such. So much for control.

I will redesign the site with this in mind (when I have time). I should be
able to get everything in the same place in most browsers using less <div>'s
and <span>'s. I downloaded Mozilla Firefox and will use this and IE for
testing from now on. This was my first time so... ;o)

In the end, my usual users are using IE but it is the ones I DON'T know
about that I want to have the same experience so, if I do design for others,
my future work will be cross browserable. (is that a word? <g>)

Re: Just had to say thanks

J. Codling wrote:
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I'm not one of the local wizards; I just listen and try to learn.  Given
that level of competence, I just look at anything I do with reasonably
recent releases of Opera, Mozilla, Konqueror, Links, Lynx and IE and
call that good enough for my little hobby site, after validation.

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