Jumping to a certain page position with #

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Hi there,

I do have a complex problem and wonder if this is possible to solve.

Following situation. I do have a page, where you do have a frame inside
that page. That frame holds different links to pages inside the mother
page. The purpose is to show changes since last login. If you click on
one link inside it takes you to the changes. If there are a lot of
changes you might need to use the internal vertical scroll bar inside
the frame. Here is where the problem starts! If you have to scroll down
quite a bit and you click on a link,the page loads and you have again to
scroll down within the iframe to get to the link you just clicked on for
clicking the next on underneath. I would like to have the last clicked
link on top inside this frame.

So I tried to call that frame like this: frame.html#4 but that results
not only to correctly jumping to this link, but also that the whole page
starts at that link. I mean there are about 200pixels above that frame
and those are now scrolled to the point of the link as well.

Has anybody an idea on how to adress only the iframe with a hash #, or
some other way to define the srolling position within the iframe upon

Thank you for any help on that.



PS: Unfortunatelly I can not provide a link, as this is inside a login area.

Re: Jumping to a certain page position with #

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That's how it should work. The iframe could be anywhere, if its
positioned outside of the viewport then /not/ bringing the top of the
iframe to the top of the viewport would result in nothing apparently

As per usual you are not telling us what you are actually trying to do,
thereby making it impossible to give meaningful advice.

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So place the page somewhere public, then post the URL.


Re: Jumping to a certain page position with #


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Stop using frames then.

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