Jumping Post Titles in IE

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Using CSS, when I set position:relative, IE starts behaving very
strangely. http://www.vikingprincess.net/?cat=3

First of all, whereas FF and Opera posts and headers remain exactly
where I expect them to be,
In IE, they move away, causing me to have to start using the * html hack
to reposition them.
I just about succeeded when I noticed that while hovering over the
titles and text in the posts,
they jump around! I certainly have not coded this.

THis is really hard to explain. Best way is to see it, so have a look at
Hover over the title and text and you will see them jumping away!
I have no idea what's going on, and I do need to use the position:
relative  .
Any advice for working around this IE bug would  be very appreciated.
You would not see the bug in FF.

This is a project for me to learn CSS, so please excuse if my coding is
not so stylish!

Re: Jumping Post Titles in IE

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Have you run it through a validator? Might find some tag errors or syntax
Using both IE and FF, I noticed a line break before "Posted in" which is not
present in IE.
On first opening, IE displayed the "jumping" then a refresh seemed to fix


Move the comments off the same line as the </div> tags.

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