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I am redoing a site for someone, original author did use FP, but I am
redoing it in DW.
However, on this page :
my pic of images/pansy.jpg seems to occasionally load, othertime\ it
doesnt. This is just in IE, Opera works fine. Any clues here?



Re: jpg not appearing? says...
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Forget the image, that page is bloody awful - it's 27 screen long at
1024x768.  Split it up in to several pages, for God's sake.

For me, the pansy always loaded. (Moz Firebird 0.6.1.)

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Re: jpg not appearing?

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How would I use layers to do this? Can you briefly explain how I would
link them into a table? Yes, I have never used layers before.
Links/help appreciated, thanks


Re: jpg not appearing?

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The other Richard is using a term invented by Macromedia IIRC. Layers really
means div's whose visibility is turned on/off via javascript.

This means putting a list of letters (the alphabet or your a-z) down the
left of the page in a float: left; div. Then the content for each letter
goes in a sperate, initially invisible div, absolutely positioned to the
right of the alphabet div.

Hook the onclick event for each letter link and cause the corresponding
content div to be visible (and all the others to be invisible). I assume
Dreamweaver (never used it) can do this for you. Of course it won't work
when javascript is disabled.

Much better is to use Hywel's suggestion. Split the page up into many, one
for each letter, along the lines of Matt Probert's slang site:

However, reproduce the alphabet links on each page, probably utilizing some
server side stuff like SSI or PHP, sort of like what google does with the
'pages' of hits, you know, at the bottom of the page: "results page 1 2 3 4
5 next".

BTW the missing pansies could be the bug in some versions of IE where it
only displays the first occurrance of an identically named jpeg. Try
converting the pansy to a GIF and see what happens.


Re: jpg not appearing?

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Well, I have spent most of the day learning 'layers', and yes DW does
do them. Corresponding examples are here:
I also split the atoz.htm page up into alphabetical sections as

Doesnt matter now anyway, as the shop no longer requires my services
(after doing all the redesign...the original site is at and it still looks bad...c'est la vie).

At least I learnt something out of it.


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