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Hi to all
i found an error message in an Joomla template.
Is anybody able to tell me how to change it that it is a valid css.

.. Its not my site but I would like to know the solution.

*>html #wrap { width: 928px; }
* html #wrap { width: expression((body.offsetWidth >1024)?'928px':'auto'); }

by the way what dos * and *> mean ?

Regards Knut

Re: Joomla CSS question

Knut Krueger wrote:

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* means 'any element', and > means 'direct child of'. So, *>html means
an html element that is a direct child of any element. Not that there
is any parent element really to html, but that's why those two
stylerules are only meant to trick older IE versions into applying a
max width.

To make that line valid CSS, would mess up the max width in IE6.

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