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do i have to learn java script or any other programming language( cold
fusion, oracle,etc.) before i recieve webmaster certification? i
already know how to do basic html photoshop and dreamweaver.  i want
to learn flash and begin my own web business.  there are people who
want me to do websites for them but i don't know if i'm good enough.
my question is do i have enough credentials based on what i plan to
learn and what i know or do i need more (javascript coldfusion
oracle,etc.)? if i need more what do i need?

Re: javascript

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A lot of people in here will probably say:

"Just make you sure you know how to make valid HTML taking into
consideration accessibility and usability.  Use HTML for structure and CSS
for styling..." etc.

It doesn't hurt to know other technologies such as XML, CSS, JavaScript,
Java (although maybe a waste of time nowadays), Flash, etc. just in case a
client requests something like that.  Also, learning server-side programming
(ie. ASP, PHP) will help a lot.

I'll put it this way, there are a lot of people out there earning money for
making websites that could be re-created by a chimp with a banana up it's
arse.  As long as you're more sensible than they are, you're safe.


Re: javascript (123tee) wrote:

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That would depend on who's issuing the certification, wouldn't it?
Why don't you ask them?

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Do you know CSS? If not then that should be the first step after HTML
and graphics.

In general do you want to focus on front end work (doing the design
and layout, maybe some JavaScript effects and/or Flash movies as
well), or on back end  work (server side programming, databases,
etc.). Some people (especially one man companies that do mostly
smaller sites) do both, but rarely to equal degrees.

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On the front end sidse, CSS is a must and  JavaScript and/or
Flash/Actionscript are desirable.

On the back end, Cold Fusion and Oracle would probably be overkill for
the sort of sites you're likely to be building if you're just starting
out as a one man band. PHP and mySQL are a more usual combination,
though there's always a use for Perl. And MS technologies (ASP,
Access, SQL Server) are also more widely used than Cold Fusion and


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Re: javascript

        If your going to be doing any back end work (databases, data processing
etc) I would suggest either teaming up with an established programmer or
doing some reading on software design and practices.


123tee wrote:

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