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  • Rick DeBay
  • 11-07-2003
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  • Toby A Inkster
  • 11-07-2003
  • I've got to write some code that takes portions of an HTML document and arranges
    some of the content in to cells in a table, while preserving all the surrounding
    tags and making sure the output is still valid HTML.
    While I could simply write the code that searches for the specific items and
    repeatedly copy the needed inline tags within the block tags (table cells) that
    will contain these items, that's being awfully specific with little chance of

    I'd like to come up with a class that can take any block of HTML and reprocess
    it in to a table.  I'm thinking it could be used to transform lists (DL, OL, UL)
    or organize unstructured content given certain rules.

    Unfortunately I'm drawing a blank, and can't figure out a good generic, robust,
    extensible way to design this.  Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Thanks, Rick DeBay

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    Rick DeBay wrote:

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    For the validity requirement, look at /. There
    is a Java version available. It should be possible to pass your end result
    though it before sending it off to the browser.

    Alternatively, mod_tidy: /

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