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Using IE 5.5 (sp2) & no other browser

I have a scolling div & would like to know if there's anyway possible to
tell if the vertical scroll bar is being displayed?

My web page use % sizes so the scrollbar appears/disappears depending on
resolution etc... I want to align some text underneath the div but as the SB
takes up some of the area my alignment goes way out when the SB is

Presumably I could check this in the onresize() event but have no idea if
it's possible to tell if the sb is visible or not?

many thanks (& hopefully I've made some sense?)


Re: Is this possible

harry wrote:
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Presumably you're using overflow:auto in the CSS. If you change this to
overflow:scroll then you'll always get a scrollbar, and then you won't
have to worry about detecting it. I don't think there's anyway to
detect it otherwise, even using the Microsoft 'extensions' to

Safalra (Stephen Morley) /

Re: Is this possible

Yes mate, I'm doing just that - thanks for confirming what I thought would
be the case!


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the SB

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