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Re: Is IE7 the only one that can do this?

#Is IE7 the only browser that can display RSS from within the browser
#dealing with CSS?.. I mean view the .XML directly.

No. All browsers that were released in the past five years should have
an XML parser.  I can't comment on IE 7, but I have noticed the DOM
parser in Mozilla is much faster than IE 6.

There are differences between browsers as to  what gets displayed when
using a CSS file.    The HTML 4.0 standard around for almost a decade,
however,  various browsers will handle html documents differenly.  

As for CSS & XML,  most people will tell you to create an XSLT file
rather than a CSS file.  You can generate an HTML using various
programs.  I  recommend using Xalan over Microsoft's MSXML 4.0 when
converting the XML/XSLT to an HTML document.  Also Xalan allows you to
convert the XML/XSLT into other formats such as pdf, postscript,  etc.
A good introductory book on XML should tell you how to get Xalan and
use it.

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