Is Dreamweaver hogging up CPU usage?

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Hi all. I've been working on in
Dreamweaver, which only requires HTML and small image files. I notice that
whenever I open on of these pages, the CPU fan turns on real loud. I'm
guessing Dreamweaver must be taking up all my processing power or something
because it's the only program I am running. Please see the site to find if
the pages would require full CPU usage. They look pretty simple to me. I
have a Pentium 4 Quad, which I think would be more than enough to run
Dreamweaver without it using all the CPU power. Does anyone know what's
going on? And I don't have any viruses or trojans. Thank you for any

Re: Is Dreamweaver hogging up CPU usage?

Jan Hills wrote:
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I would suggest that you might find some Dreamweaver group or their
Support Page more on topic or helpful. As to your page as HTML goes
Dreamweaver does not seemed to be serving you very well

Failed validation, 81 Errors
[Invalid] Markup Validation of - W3C
Markup Validator

Dreamweaver, nor any WYSIWYG editor is not really a substitute for some
basic knowledge of HTML, in fact much of your problem is you are using
XHTML with out any real need had you have HTML syntax mixed within the

The page is not that complicated and with nothing to peg your CPU. I did
notice that you really need to optimize your images. Your avatars are
JPG at 100x100px but will very little compression. Saving them with some
compression would help. I got one down from 14Kb to 1.25Kb. You also
might find the B&W graphic ones would look better and compress better as
GIF and not JPG. Save JPG format for the clown.

Take care,


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