is ' (apostrophe) deprecated?

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I visited a site recently that uses " ' " for apostrophes, but they
show up as the actual code rather than the apostrophe as intended (using
IE6sp2).  On Mozilla Firefox they come thru as apostrophes okay.

Does anyone know if this code is deprecated?



Re: is ' (apostrophe) deprecated?

Spake James Mercola unto thee:

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It's not. It's not actually a part of HTML, but rather a character
reference, and so can't be deprecated. More likely is that you have found
a giggly new bug :(

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Re: is ' (apostrophe) deprecated?

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It is not deprecated. It is _undefined_ up to and including HTML 4.01 (so
browsers may do whatever they like with it), and it is defined in XHTML
since it is part of XML. And it's never needed.

For more info, see a recent thread in comp.infosystems.www.authoring.html
( )

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Re: is ' (apostrophe) deprecated?

Quoth the raven James Mercola:

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It's an IE bug... or rather not supported. My ISP has a news service
on their home page that started using ' and immediately all the
IE users started complaining "what's this crap?"  As you say, it works
fine in Moz and Firefox.

The service finally dropped using it.

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