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Can anyone help me - I want to get Front Page to show a users IP Address to
show that there computers information is being logged as I keep getting hoax
forms back. Thanks.

Re: IP Address

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Can not be done with frontpage. Frontpage is just an editor, well, it tries
to be.

Such things have to be done server side.

What are you going to do when you log one of these IP addresses? Report it
to the ISP who owns it?

Getting hoax forms back is probably quite usual, your server side process
should cater for this.


Re: IP Address

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        Here's a link to a Front Page users forum ( there is also a FP NG
[ microsoft.public.frontpage.client ] )
http://www.outfront.net /

              People who primarily have the experience of using the OLD
FrontPage Express have been bashing FP in these NG's for so long, unaware
that hardly anybody uses FPE any more and the full version of FP is much
more capable than your aware.
ALTHOUGH I do NOT advise using many of the "components" which come with FP
and I the majority of FP users NEVER learn NOT to cut and paste from Word
and into FP or even worse create webpages from within Word (
microsoft.public.word.web.authoring )   adding to the FP deception provided
by these NG's.

Server Side "htaccess" is capable of many things. The htaccess file used
with "FP extensions" provides the same htaccess possibilities as any other

It's a waste of time reporting form, robots.txt or TOS violations to either
ISP's or backbone providers. In most instances, the only result from either
of these two providers for webmasters seeking of a workable solution is an
automated reply.
 The best solution is to begin denying ranges of access for the violators
and their providers.

Hoax forms is actually more common ( along with attempts at script hacking,)
than you are apparently aware of!

Re: IP Address

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I actually have a copy of Frontpage 2000 (which I use only as an FTP client,
something it actually does quite well) so I know what FP does.

It produces bloated, last century, IE specific HTML.

It has fully automatic layout capibilities that use tables (bad) and/or
frames (bad) and, at the swipe of a mouse cursor, converts the entire page
to fixed width (bad).

It has automatic forms production which produce forms that rely on FTP
extensions being present on the server (bad) and so require manual
intervention to work in the real world.

Using themes one can automatically produce a menu bar for the entire site,
based on images (bad) with javascript rollovers (bad).

These themes also allow one to for example change the colour scheme or font
for the entire site, using deprecated <font> elements (bad).

Support for CSS is, at best, minimal. Even specifying something as simple as
centred text results in a deprecated <center> element (bad), rather than
applying a style. To use CSS effectively with FP requires manual insertion
of the CSS, which causes most beginners to blindly state that CSS is very

If one stops FP from inserting its broken bloated code (by not using themes,
shared borders and most of the other stuff) one is left with a rather meagre
text editor with browser preview (using the IE browser control) and a
reasonable FTP client. Both of these things are quite readily available as


Re: IP Address

rf wrote:
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Ehhh, if the document is linked to a stylesheet, you can select a block of
text an apply a certain style from that stylesheet.
In fact this is one of the reasons I like FP :-)
Other advantages:
Very acceptable preview. Easy to edit text, apply styles and see the
Very efficient in:
- changing paragraphs into list and the other way around
- checking for broken links
- Inserting images with properties like height and width
- creating links and bookmarks
- copy text from other applications like Word without unnecessary formatting
(plain paragraphs)
- spell check while you're editing
- search and replace
- basic validation (like missing </td>
- creating tables and inserting rows and colums

Only condition is to use CSS instead of HTML presentation (but that's a
requirement anyhow :-)

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in FP: Format -> Style. Creates an in line style.

Regards, Nico

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