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My web pages are simple but they get the info out there and aren't that
cumbersome to use. I use Word97 to build a table and save the file as HTML.
Then I tinker with the HTML and experiment by adding things in the Word
document and seeing what it looks like in HTML form.  Tables link to other
tables of JPG files or MP3 files.  It works good and looks attractive if I
invest some time in it.  I look at simple reference material about HTML and
try out ideas I get from there.  I mostly just use Notepad and Word97, and
test the results using Windows, IExplorer, WinMP, etc.

I've learned lots of other kinds of software tools and apps in past years
and there's no room left in my head for much of anything new.  No time for
Web Publishing Software - though I have tinkered with some.  What I'm saying
is that I'm not terribly lazy or stupid - but I want to stick with basics if
I can.

QUESTION:  If I have an MP3 file on my website and a link to the MP3 on a
webpage, then when I click the link IE will start Windows Media Player which
then plays the audio file.  OKay.  Windows Media Player also uses WPL files
called Playlists.  I created a WPL file that is a list of links to MP3 files
on my computer (i.e. files not uploaded yet) and then put a link to the WPL
file in a page on the PC (not uploaded).  When I click the link IExp starts
WinMP and the playlist is recognized and the MP3s are played in sequence.
Okay.  I uploaded it all to my webspace and opened the page in IExp but when
I click the link to the WPL file it doesn't start up WinMP.  Instead IExp
displays a blank page that has the same name as the playlist.

When I look at the WPL file in Notepad I see that it looks like HTML.
Perhaps there is something I can write in the WPL file that will cause WinMP
to start up and sequentially play the list of links. But maybe the issue is
a setting in Windows - so this idea won't work if the computer isn't set up
for it.   Can someone tell me where to look to understand what the stuff in
the WPL file is doing?  It looks like this:

<?wpl version="1.0"?>
        <meta name="Generator" content="Microsoft Windows Media Player --  
        <meta name="AverageRating" content="0"/>
        <meta name="TotalDuration" content="2477"/>
        <meta name="ItemCount" content="5"/>
        <title>No. 9</title>
            <media src=" "/>
            <media src=" "/>
            <media src=" "/>
            <media src=" "/>
            <media src=" "/>

Re: Introducing ME - and I also have a question

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That sounds rather like trying to repair a basket of broken eggs in a
coal cellar using a piece of wire through the keyhole, but if it works
for you.

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This might be deliberate. It's one thing to associate a playlist on your
own hard disk with playing it, but things coming from the internet are
less trusted. If there any security vulnerabilities in the way WinAMP
plays playlists then they would suddenly be open to malicious webpages.

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It's XML, which does look a bit like HTML. But no particular reason to
think it should therefore be interoperable with a browser-- XML is used
for a lot of things.

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I think it probably would (and certainly should) be a setting in
Windows. The other point is that even if you do get it to work, make
sure you don't end up with something that doesn't work for people who
aren't using Windows or IE.

If a playlist works from the local disk even if it references files on
the internet, then you could just present the playlist for download,
with instructions about how to save and launch it in WinMP for users
that are interested.

Re: Introducing ME - and I also have a question

Patches Forever wrote:

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I'm guessing that your server is not correctly configured to provide the
correct MIME type for the file. Exactly how to configure the server
depends very much on what server software you are using. (The most common
is Apache, but there are many others.)

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