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When I use the input tag in a form in IE6 the backgroundcolor changes to
yellow when I use the name txtPostcode.

So this form gives me a textbox with yellow background:

    <form action="thankyou.php" method="post">
    <input type="text" name="txtPostcode" />

And this form gives me a textbox with white backround:

    <form action="thankyou.php" method="post">
      <input type="text" name="txtPostcod" />

I've only removed the 'e' from txtPostcode. I've no other code nor links
to stylesheets in the file to test this behaviour.

Does anyone understand this behaviour? Is it an IE6 feature to render
input on the basis of tagnames (I found the same behaviour using the
name txtEmail) and is there a possibility to influence it? (When I put
in a style with background: green; It is overridden and the background
color still becomes yellow.


Re: internet explorer backcolor

Erik wrote:

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I too have had difficulties adjusting forms behaviour to fit IE. I believe
what's happening is that one of the names above is invalid so the default
background colour is used as a substitute.

I have a related problem which I hope somebody can comment on. In my
homepage ( there is a search box at the top. The
button called "Search" is rendered at a reasonable scale under Firebox, but
it tends to grow significantly in height under IE and it looks
out-of-place. How can I force IE to render objects properly? I have had
many goes at it without any success.


Re: internet explorer backcolor

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You have the Google toolbar installed.


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Re: internet explorer backcolor

Steve Pugh wrote:
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Uninstalling the google toolbar did work.


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