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I ran across, and bought, an interesting book about web design.  NOT how
to make the page (CSS HTML, scripting etc...), but on design concepts
and patterns.

It is called "The design of sites". I found the patterns interesting and
their cross referencing very useful.  There is little mention of which
technology you should use, accessibility, or standards compliance, but
then it is not a "how to write code" book, (I don't recall a single
piece of code in the entire book), but a book about patterns and design.  
How you physically create the web site, and which technologies you may
or may not use is up to you, and irrelevant to the subject of the book.

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Re: interesting web design book

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Sounds interesting. There are any number of sites which contain useful
information, but no concept of design. Then, of course, there are sites
which probably do contain useful info, but you've no idea how to get to it
because the navigation hasn't been designed well enough.

It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who buy a home PC, realise
it's got Frontpage on it, knock up some dreadful pages about all the cats
they have ever owned (using all the different effects that FP offers), and
then call themselves a Web Designer. They don't seem to realise that design
is something that needs to be learnt. I often wonder why these same people,
when they realise that the same PC also has Word on it, don't then call
themselves an author!

I like to think that I have some kind of eye for design, though I am by no
means a designer - more of a developer (my background is in software). A
couple of years back I started to collaborate with a talented designer which
really opened my eyes - he came out with ideas that I would never have
thought of. Although I do have to remind him from time to time that
designing for the web is quite different to designing for paper! ;-)


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Re: interesting web design book

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I found that < often has useful, more global
design-related content. The guys knows the mechanics as well. When those
two fields come together, interesting things happen.


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hi good inf


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What is good info? Who are you talking to?

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