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Hello all:

I am designing a website where I'm trying to incorporate an interactive
graphic for a shifter.  Before I go any further, you can access what I have
worked on so far at

First off I have this particular page set up in frames.  I was using Adobe
Photoshop with ImageReady to set up the image map so that each button on the
shifter will bring up a function in the 2nd frame.  Now, the secret to this
is that some of the keys in the keypad require that I hit a second key
(referring to web page from above, the bottom button on the shifter) in
order for that function to work. Example: In order for the R (reverse)
function to work, the R button followed by the bottom (Shobers) button needs
to be pressed as well.  Once I have it set up to where each function works,
in the 2nd frame I will have an animation showing either the vehicle (or
transmission) doing each referenced function.

Will this require knowledge of coding or scripting?  If so, what commands
can I use and is this possible to work out this sort of scripting in
Photoshop or ImageReady?  If not, how can I set something like this up with
Flash or Dreamweaver?

Once again, if you can help and you need reference to what I'm working on,
please access

Thanks to all in advance for any and all help.


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