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Hi all,

I'm busy to make a small webdesign for a friend of me. He has got a very
small Apache server running and asked me to make a website. If I make a
subdirectory in the html root, example :
<site>.com/test and I don't put an index.html file, you cannot see the
documents in the folder, I want to use it as a download folder.

Is there a small application which makes a professional look alike index
file which I can use as download page ? Or is there a simple HTML code for
it ?
P.S. On this small server it is not possible to run PHP scripts just HTML

Thanks in advance,


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Re: Indexing of files

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If I correctly understand what you are saying, you want to be able to place
files in your folder "test" and then be able to download them.

Two approaches (probably more):

1. Create an index file and link to each of them. That way you can include
any description along with each file.

2. Create the file (text) .htaccess in the folder and put the line:
    Options +Indexes
in it. That will tell apache to present it as a file listing.

Hope that helps and I've not totally misunderstood what you are after.
Brian Cryer

Re: Indexing of files

Brian Cryer schreef:
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Thanks a lot ! I was looking for option 2 !


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