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I have been using HTML-Kit as my editor. I have been using PPWizard
pre-processor to insert common blocks of HTML. I am considering
switching to includeHTML as my pre-processor.  My impression of the
pros and cons is as follows:

1) PPWizard *substitutes* HTML code for special tags, so you have 2
files for each page: the "before" and "after" files.  To see a display
of the final form, one must view the "after" file.  To re-edit, one
must switch back to the "before" file, make a change, run it through
PPWizard again (outside of HTML-Kit), and view the new "after" file.

includeHTML substitutes code between special tags, and *retains* those
tags. So, one needs to edit only one file (creating new versions), and
that file can always be displayed in final form.  Thus, re-editing is
easier with includeHTML.

2) The "after" file generated by PPWizard shows no evidence of
pre-processor tags.  I am the volunteer webmaster for a small
non-profit group .  If I get "hit by a bus,"
another volunteer who may not have the time/experience/desire to learn
the pre-processor would find it easier to pick up and run with the
files generated by PPWizard.

Do I have a correct view of how these two very cool, free,
pre-processors compare?  What important points am I missing?


Re: includeHTML vs PPWizard says...
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Either write some documentation for the process you go through now, or
switch to SSI.

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Re: includeHTML vs PPWizard

I almost forgot:

3) I think you cannot execute logic with includeHTML.  With PPWizard,
the page navigation links included are different depending on which page
is being generated.  Or, maybe there is a better way to do something


Teffy wrote:
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Re: includeHTML vs PPWizard

Teffy wrote:
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You can actually learn enough Perl to write your own
quick-and-dirty preprocessor in no time, and you'd be
doing yourself the great favor of learning a web
programming language.

Cheers, m at /
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