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Can anyine help me out on this one?

On my computer I built a website to view homevideos. I shared the folders
containing the pages and videos so I can view them on other computers in my

Everything works except the viewing using "img dynsrc" on other machines in
the network (I get the missing objecticon).

Let's say:
Computer A = the machine containing the websitedata
Computer B = machine which uses shared folders to view the site

## -----------------
This works as well on Computer A as on Computer B

<a href = "..\..\..\homevideo\tape 01\Film020202-fvo-jaap.wmv">
## -----------------

## -----------------
This works on Computer A but DOESN'T on Computer B

<img dynsrc="..\..\..\homevideo\tape 01\Film020202-fvo-jaap.wmv"
width=480 height=360>
## -----------------

Absoute path html-pages: "D:\fotoboek\html"
Absoute path videofiles: "D:\homevideo\tape XX\film"

Is it the path (absolute / relative), the slashes (forward / backward)? I
tried several things and combinations, but can't get it working.




Re: img dynsrc - problem

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I have no idea what "dynsrc" is.  Surely it can't be html (unless it has
eluded me for 20 years or so.  I remember a "low src" or "lowsrc", but
that is long gone.)

Anyway, if you're using html, even for an intranet, the slashes should
best be forward.

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