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I need some advice.... I am not really good at HTML/web design, so this
may be obvious....

I have simple web page on an embedded machine (no mouse.)

I need to have a user scroll through some images in a form - basically,
we're picking a direction.  The user can pick 3 options: left (<-) right
(->) and stop (X).

I want these to be images, and to scroll depending on the value in the
form.  While the underlying values in the form field may be 0, 1, and 2,
it is essential that the user only see the icons, and not the actual
values.  (Nothing secret, just cosmetic reasons.)

All of this is done with nav keys, and I have javascript key handlers
written for all sorts of things, but displaying images conditionally
based on a form value without displaying the value itself has me stumped....

Ideally the user will click on a '+' or '-' key to scroll through the
options.  I have a key handler written for numerical fields (hitting '+'
increments the field, '-' decrements it, but the image thing has me

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