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Can someone point me to an image gallery where the selection of one of a
proffered selection of thumbnails, downloads the larger version only when
hovered or selected, and not all of the larger images loading with the
initial page selection.
Thus being more suitable for dialup connections.

Re: Image gallery query

Quoted text here. Click to load it

< might be a case for

Or, quite generally and better still, if you go to a test bed
page like:


and look at the links to enlargements, you will see that each
thumbnail can simply link to one enlargement. All you need do is
put a url in the link to the enlargement you want.

Are you perhaps up to monkey tricks with preloading images? Or

(Just in case, the javascript link in the source of the above is
completely irrelevant to your query and is only there for
centering the whole show following a thread in this newsgroup not
long back)


Re: Image gallery query

On Mon, 30 Apr 2007 00:51:57 GMT KiwiBrian scribed:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

There is no way to do that in a truly logical fashion.  Yeah, you could use
javascript, but what about the non-jsers?  Furthermore, how would you go
about _selecting_ a _thumbnail_ without triggering the link except by
punching keys?  It just isn't a good idea.

The way to accomplish your ultimate goal is to use very "thin" thumbs -
small in physical and file-size.  With the proper care (-and graphics
programs), one can construct thumbnails having a filesize of 2-2.5 kb or
less that look pretty decent.  Even Irfanview, a free program, will do this
and well.

PS: If you need to "fill" the page, use css for borders, etc.

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