iframes in cells

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Hey Guys,

Its only my second time posting here and the first got no results so if

Im doing anything wrong (like posting in the wrong place) I apologise

My problem is this:
I have an iframe within a table cell.
I would like buttons to target this iframe.
The content that loads into the iframe is different sizes, BUT

if I put the iframe to 100% and the table to 100% the orginal iframe
content seems to drop to the middle as if the valign is set to
center(which it isnt). Also the cell doesnt grow with the new content
in the iframe and so cuts it off.

Basically I think my question is, is it possible to make a cell grow
depending on the content targeted to the iframe which is nested inside
the cell?

Im sorry if you dont understand it, its the best I can do.

The site is http://www.mobiledirect.co.uk
its an e2save affiliate (still a work in progress)

Thanks in advance of any help.

Re: iframes in cells

mark.booth77@ntlworld.com wrote:
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AFAIK not with straight HTML/CSS: you load a seperate document in an iframe,
and the HTML/CSS in your current document has no idea of the dimensions of
that document.

Maybe there are javascript solutions, but be very carefull with them. You
site should be working with javascript turned of.

Rik Wasmus

Re: iframes in cells

Thanks for the response.

Iv been searching for ages now for a solution to this.  I have seen
javascripts that say they do what I want but dont.

It might have beaten me!

Rik wrote:
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Re: iframes in cells

Javascript can do what you want to.

You may add the code like this on your child page, for example, the
cell product page.

<script type="text/javascript">

Re: iframes in cells

Thats one of the problems I dont have access to the child page with all
the products in.  Its generated from e2saves database.

I have seen a few javascript ways to do it but only if you have access
to the child page or the child page is on your own server.

If Im asking the impossible, can you suggest another way of getting the
same layout without using tables? would CSS do the job? would it be
hard to learn the basics for layout?

Many thanks

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