Iframes and multiple targets

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Hello all,
I have been dabbling here and there with html for a while now and a friend
asked me to build her a website... as part of this project diffrent artists
are putting there work on the site... here is my scenario:

i want to have one anchor load multiple iframes example:
a thumbnail.jpeg would load the full size picture in one iframe while
loading another html page with information about that artist in a secondary

after googling about a bit i have found only javascript answers and i do not
want to use javascript for such an important function in the site (some
users have it disabled and it would therefore be rendered useless)

i would think it would be a fairly simple php snippet of code i could load
onto the page that would handle this function and since php is server-side i
would not have issues regarding users not being able to see my information

so in can anyone do one of the following:
1) supply me with a php code snippet that would handle this function or a
link somewhere that would help me (google is giving me weird information
when i search it)

2) offer a better solution (the web server i am going to use offers php cgi
perl and most server side scripting methods)

Re: Iframes and multiple targets

where am i wrote:
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If you're using server side code to load the new material, there
is no reason to use an iframe at all.  You just use divs, setting
their position and overflow properties in CSS.  Overflow can be
set to auto, hidden, scroll, or visible.  You'll want 'scroll' if you
want the div to work like an iframe.

Whatever language you're using, just output the <div
id="iframeLookinDude">...</div> (use id or class)around the
text or image (...) to be sent.

This will create markup that is more accessible and that degrades
more gracefully than using an iframe.  The only use for iframes is
to let HTML load foreign files.  A server side program has no
trouble with this.
Cheers, m   at http://www.mbstevens.com /

Re: Iframes and multiple targets

m wrote:
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Well, you can do a lot of nice things with scrollable div's
Like (alternative for frames): http://www.nicoschuyt.nl/album/div.php
or (fixed menu) http://www.nicoschuyt.nl/test/fixed_menu.htm

In an earlier thread (What is the best web site layout?; ) however kchayka
pointed me to the following:

"I would be very wary of using scrolling divs, though.  They are
really hard to navigate for keyboard users.  Page up/down and arrow
keys, which I use to scroll, are useless on this page so much of it
is inaccessible without a mouse/click.  I hear scroll wheels don't
work so well with these, either."

Regards, Nico

Re: Iframes and multiple targets

Nico Schuyt wrote:
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Actually I agree with that.  The op wanted to
generate iframes, & I thought this would
certainly be better than that.  But anything that
hides things on a page is going to present problems
for some people, and it would be better if
the page was designed another way.

Cheers, m

Re: Iframes and multiple targets

robbkore@hotmail.com says...
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This topic is covered once a week.  Search this forum in google for
iframes and you will be rewarded with a plethora of threads.

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