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Hey, does somebody know wheather it's possible to show the horizontal
scrollbar only, so that the vertical scrollbar is not visible?
tnx, Daniel

Re: iframe scrollbar

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In "standard" HTML and CSS, no. But as far as I remember, IE recognizes
overflow-x and overflow-y properties in addition to the standard
overflow property. So I guess you could use

iframe { overflow-x: auto;
         overflow-y: hidden; }

in CSS, with the risk that content will be hidden from the user without
even letting him know there's something missing.

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Re: iframe scrollbar

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I'm hitting a problem with this at the moment as well, I want to hide
the vertical scroll bar, but is there a way to grow the vertical size
of the iframe to match the size of it's contents?

I am looking into a way of getting the contents page to run a bit of
javascript to access it's Document.parent. properties but was
wondering if theres anyone who can give a bit of help on this one on
setting the parent's iframe.height property

Re: iframe scrollbar

Simon Sphynx wrote in message ...
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I did that on my very first attempt, till I looked at it on my neighbour's
browser who views at 'maximum' text size, because he has poor eyesight. He
couldn't read half of what I had displayed.

I immediately enabled 'scroll bars'.

You will make your site inaccessible if you disable scroll bars, unless
it's only a fixed size image as in ...
http://freespace.virgin.net/temp.files/image /

Re: iframe scrollbar


They have some tutorials in using Iframes and stuff. I don't know if it
covers your question but it wont hurt to check it out1 I promise!



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