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How do i get an IFRAME's height to be so big it show the entire contents of
the text it contains? Without scrollbars appearing, so the user would need
to use the browser's scrollbars.


Re: iframe height

Quoth the raven named The wee free man:

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Remove the iframe?  If you want to show all the text, why bother with
complicating the issue. Just display the text.

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My pleasure.

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Re: iframe height

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Impossible with HTML. Might be possible with JavaScript - (only if the
two pages are on the same domain, otherwise they're can't talk to each
other via JD) - calculate the height needed for the child page and use
that to amend the height of the iframe. But I'm not sure how feasible
it is in practice.

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Are you sure that you want to use an iframe? Have you considered
server side includes or similar?


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