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I have a small problem. How can I resize the height of an iframe on its
I cant use my script direktly because the club uses a pagetool. this
generator blocks all kinds of scripts.

<IFRAME src="http://myotherserve.de/myscript.php?timetable " height="depens
on contens"> </iframe>

Many thanks for your help

Re: iframe

Scripsit Uwe Kornnagel:

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I'm afraid you're creating a big problem.

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You can't, except with some computer program that reads the contents and
evaluates it somehow and the sets the height in HTML markup or in CSS

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I wonder what that means.

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Just set some reasonable height and do _not_ try to prevent scrolling
(set overflow: auto). And don't forget to add fallback content (for
advanced browsers that let the user disable <iframe> functionality and
display element content instead).

Jukka K. Korpela ("Yucca")

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