IE8 now being pushed at Microsoft Update Sites

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This morning I received a message on my older XP computer that the IE8
for XP was ready to download. (I do not allow Microsoft to
automatically download updates until I have a chance to review them. I
received a like message on my 64 bit version of Vista on my new
computer that the 64  bit version of IE8 was also ready for download.
Both are considered important rather than optional upgrades, so my
guess is that a lot of people, especially those who allow automatic
updates, will now be downloading IE8. Keep in mind that there are both
32 bit an 64 bit versions of Vista, and there is apparently a somewhat
different IE8 for each just as there are 32 bit and 64 bit versions of
the WMP for Vista. It may not be safe to assume that the XP and
various versions of Vista IE8 will do exactly the same thing, so one
might want to check web pages on different versions of Vista,
especially while IE8 is new.

I recently bought a Media suite that will handle blu-ray among other
things. There is a bug on 64 bit Vista that goes away when you install
the program on XP, although the program is supposed to work on Vista
and likely does on some version of it such as a home 32 bit version.

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