IE8 blurs zoomed in picture

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At the bottom of the page the images are zoomed in... but IE8 pretty much
screws up badly and blurs the whole fricking thing ?!

Not good ?!

Is there a way to get rid of the blur ?!? (Without having to make new zoomed
in pictures... ?)


Re: IE8 blurs zoomed in picture

Sun, 12 Dec 2010 09:57:19 +0100, /Skybuck Flying/:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Mozilla implements an 'image-rendering' [1] CSS property which
appears to be originally a SVG property [2] and not defined in any
current CSS standard.  The Mozilla docs also point out an IE
specific property '-ms-interpolation-mode' [3] which default value
seems changed between IE7 and IE8.

So I guess you could to add to your style sheet:

#AutoNumber1 img {
  image-rendering: optimizeSpeed;
  image-rendering: -moz-crisp-edges;
  -ms-interpolation-mode: nearest-neighbor;



Re: IE8 blurs zoomed in picture

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Much thanks !

It looks much better now ! ;) :)

  Skybuck =D

Re: IE8 blurs zoomed in picture

Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yeah... I forgot to mention this link which explains how to embed it:

I shall copy the little code section and paste it here for future reference
just in case the webpage goes down ;) :) Might come in handy some day when
searching with gooooooogle ;) :)

img.highqual { -ms-interpolation-mode:bicubic }
img.nearestn { -ms-interpolation-mode:nearest-neighbor }
<img src="sphere.jpg" width="175" height="350" class="nearestn">
<img src="sphere.jpg" width="175" height="350">
<img src="sphere.jpg" width="175" height="350" class="highqual">
<p>Change the zoom level of the page to see the difference.</p>

(class can be changed in front page editor too... nice ! ;) :))

I also learned something today... IE8 has a little zoom things in the down
right corner... I probably already noticed that before but didn't know how
handy it could be ;) :) so I probably forgot about it... but now I will
remember I think ! ;) :)

  Skybuck :)

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