IE7's zoom bug

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Does anyone know if Microsoft intends to fix its supremely broken zoom
feature in IE7? I'm referring to the fact that when you zoom pages in
IE7, everything is zoomed /except/ for images on the body element.

On sites that use body background images as part of the layout (the CSS
faux column technique for instance), things can get really ugly. (Try
this site: < )

Anyway, I have a few sites that fall foul of this bug, so I was
wondering: should I 'fix' them to get around IE7's zoom bug? Or should I
forget about it in the hope that MS will fix their crappy zoom feature
in the near future? Or should I forget about it on the grounds that not
many people will use the zoom feature anyway?

PS... There is a 'knowledge' base article talking about known problems
with IE7's zoom feature (curiously, though, it fails to list the very
unsubtle background image bug). The article's recommended solutions?

1. Don't zoom.
2. Disable the zoom feature with a registry hack.

They should add a third:

3. Don't use our abysmal browser.

Re: IE7's zoom bug

John wrote:
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Why do you want Microsoft to fix that bug? I hope they don't fix it and
other bugs as well. Slowly the common mass will move to firefox or opera
or safari or whichever does the job right.

I hope that point is reached soon. Astu!

Best regards,

Re: IE7's zoom bug

John wrote:
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Are you designing your sites with fixed-width layouts and absolute
and/or tiny font sizes? If not, why would people be likely to zoom in
the first place?


Re: IE7's zoom bug

John wrote:
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They're getting right on that.  Translation: they'll have it partially
fixed by about 2011 and the fix will break some other things.

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Re: IE7's zoom bug

On Tue, 12 Jun 2007 18:49:17 GMT John scribed:

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I never use zoom except in those rare situations when I can't read the
text.  Then it's arguable whether everything should be zoomed or just the
text.  To my mind, there should be "quick preferences" for both, which
should, of course, work properly.  In lieu of that, I'd much prefer a text-
zoom over an overall-zoom.

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