IE7 frustration

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The above site is more or less a template I use for a number of sites
that I create although the problem arises in other designs as well.
What's happening is if you open the site in Firefox 2, Opera 9, IE6 and
do a ctrl ++ the divs resize and stay within my viewport and no
horizontal scrolling. In IE7 the site just blows right out the right
side of my viewport and after one bump there's a horizontal scrollbar.

What perplexes me even more is it you just resize the browser window IE7
acts like the other browsers and the site resizes fine. Is this a IE7
quirk or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you,

Re: IE7 frustration

On 2007-07-08, biff wrote:
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   I can't test it on IE7, but I would suggest that you get rid of
   some of the cruft in your stylesheet. Take a look at this for an
   example: < .

   Chris F.A. Johnson                      <
   Shell Scripting Recipes: A Problem-Solution Approach (2005, Apress)

Re: IE7 frustration

Chris F.A. Johnson wrote:
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Although your suggestions didn't solve the problem they were very good
and have been implemented.

Thank you very much

Re: IE7 frustration

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You are probably not doing anything wrong. This is the new IE7 zoom feature.
To make you feel happier, use IE7 to view - you'll see
the same thing. Pitiful, isn't it?.


Re: IE7 frustration

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One man's pitiful is another man's holy grail.

Re: IE7 frustration

rf wrote:
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I run linux for anything internet. Oddly enough the only thing I do with
  Windows is write web pages and that's only because I can't get my two
favorite programs to work with wine. I didn't have IE7 till last week
and swore I'd never have it till a friend of mine saw one of my sites in
it and told me the menus didn't work. So of course now I see all the
oddities that occur because of IE7 and am spending time fixing them. <sigh>

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