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Re: IE7 comments?

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Conventionally, it's competitive and better than anyone expected.

Re: IE7 comments?

jb wrote:
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I will agree that the CSS support is better than I expected, but I'm not
sure about anything else. The UI is dreadful, for sure.

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Re: IE7 comments?

IE7 is not better than IE6, nor is it worse. I think IE6 deals better
with JavaScript. Also, when I upgraded my IE to 7, I noticied that is
took an incedibly long time to display dynamic pages. Sometimes, it
just reports that the page isn't availalble temporarily. But a refresh
will bring the browser to the page wished for. It also displays some
pages like the Yahoo! Mail page poorly. (The text that are on the left
are all jumbled into one in the Yahoo! Mail home page)
[ ].

However, I like how IE finally joined the crowd and supported tabs. I
also like the RSS reader. It has more features now. It's not that bad,
in general. Well, I use it, so it's tolerable. Isn't is supposed to
come with the new Windows Vista?

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