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IE7 /

This is an attempt to make Microsoft Internet Explorer more
compliant when it comes to web standards.

Web developers are becoming increasingly frustrated at the lack of
convergence of the major browser vendors. We need a level playing

CSS is a powerful technology. Many of itís more advanced features
go unused by web developers because of Explorerís poor support of
CSS standards.

IE7 provides support for most of the important CSS enhancements. A
full list is available on the compatibility page.

IE7 invokes a DHTML behavior to load and parse all style sheets
into a form that Explorer can understand. You can then use most
CSS2 selectors without having to resort to CSS hacks.

The behavior is lightweight and is automatically loaded via a CSS
inclusion. No alteration of your original document is necessary.
Nor do you have to alter your CSS.

IE7 provides Microsoft Internet Explorer with support for W3C
standard CSS.

It supports the following CSS selectors:

          o namespace|selector
          o parent > child
          o adjacent + sibling
          o [attr], [attr="value"], [attr~="value"]
          o .multiple.classes (fixes bug)
          o :first-child, :last-child
          o :hover, :active, :focus
          o :root

Kayode Okeyode /

Re: IE7

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So now we have minnow hacked IEs out there that break the current css
hacks to protect the stupid thing from doing itself harm, without
actually addressing the real issues, wonderful :(

Users who install this hack are going to have a lot of trouble because
of their hacked copies tripping over css rules intended for proper css


Re: IE7

Spartanicus wrote:

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If you read the page properly you would notice that it can't be installed
by the end user, but can be used by the page author.

Toby A Inkster BSc (Hons) ARCS
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Re: IE7

Quoth the raven named kayodeok:

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How can he call it IE7?  Isn't Microsloth going to use that name in
two years?

    -This space intentionally left blank.

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