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I'm new to html, web design and this group, i use a sun ultra 60 with
netscape 7, and various versions of mozilla as well as opera and have
had no problems with any sites, but just noticed that on my kids windows
p.c. with ie6 that the css page on doesn't work, the menu should
stay on right side and not scroll and there are no dark gold ribbons on
the menu. Is there a way to make ie happy and the rest of the world too?

Re: ie6 and css

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IE doesn't support position: fixed and hence the menu will scroll with
the page. If used carefully, as in this example, this causes no harm.

Some of the other styles are also not supported by IE (such as the
generated content).
However, I would have thought that more of the desired presentation
could have been made to work in IE.


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