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I would like to know what font I can use to be sure it is "understood"
across visual browsers.

On absolutely every single browser that is known to man, I can use the
"arial" and "sans-serif" except for IE on a Mac.

Any ideas on what font to use for the sans-serif, arial family fonts?


Re: IE on Mac

*Disco Octopus* wrote:
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Sans-serif is a flavour/genre of fonts, not a specific font[1]. Was
there a problem when you tried it, if so what happened?

[1] Sods law says someone has created a sans-serif font and named it
'sans-serif' :-@
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Re: IE on Mac

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Sans-serif is a generic family name, it's not the name of a specific
font. When you use this, the browser will apply the default sans-serif
font which could be Arial, Helvetica or something else inherited from
the OS depending on what browser is used.

Arial has shipped with new Macs for years since it's part of the
Microsoft font pack that comes with Internet Explorer. Maybe in years to
come Apple will drop IE and only include Safari, in which case new Mac
users may no longer have Arial and Verdana as standard, but that's not a
concern for any time soon.

It's more likely you have an error in your CSS (error handling in IE for
Mac is very different from Windows, it does far less guessing of what
you meant by big mistakes) or the particular Mac you're using has been
tweaked and is not behaving in the way you can expect most other Macs

I test my pages on an iMac and that displays Arial fine, though
personally I prefer Helvetica so I always specify it before Arial in my
fonts list. Does it really matter if a Mac user gets Helvetica and
Windows users get a slightly less clear clone of the same font (Arial)?

Do you have a URL for the stylesheet and have you validated your CSS?

Re: IE on Mac

GD wrote:

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That time has already come: /

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Re: IE on Mac says...
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MS announced last year that they were dropping IE for the Mac?

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Re: IE on Mac


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Unfortunately, some Windows users will get a completely bolloxed-up
version of Helvetica, if it's specified first.

Also, Arial is distinct from Helvetica. See:



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