IE<=>FF compatibility

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Hi folks,

Can anyone guess why this page looks so good on IE and a total mess on

It all started after adding "float:left" to some spans.

Thank you so much, I run out of ideas!

Re: IE<=>FF compatibility

Super Mango wrote:
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Start by checking the site in a validator and fixing the errors: /

It claims to be XHTML 1.0 Strict, but has many violations of the specs
for this.


Re: IE<=>FF compatibility

With neither quill nor qualm, Super Mango quothed:

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Yeah, it's almost certainly the floats.  Floated stuff (flotillas I call
'em) is basically removed from the normal flow and will not "fill out" a
div, etc.  IE gets this wrong.  You should read the spec on floats
_carefully_ and even then it's hard to get right.  I use floats only
when I absolutely have to.

Contrary to popular belief, it is believable.

Re: IE<=>FF compatibility

Thanks. That waht I was affraid of.

had it designed as a table, but than I wanted to do the "right thing"
and change it to semantic, and got this @#@%!$@$

Thanks again...

Re: IE<=>FF compatibility


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Read the excellent float article on    It's just about the
only readable explanation that goes into real detail.

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