IE Cash and Flash problem

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I'm creating a site which pulls up several pages which each use the same
Flash Slideshow base. The XML page that the flash calls to is re-created
when each page is called.

Normally, it works. It's beautiful on Firefox, in fact.

Problem is, when you go in Internet Explorer (either 6 or 7) and the user
hasn't set the browser to check for new pages each time, it doesn't clear
the cache, so they get the old pictures in the slideshow.

Is there any way to force the cache to clear on Internet Explorer so that it
comes up correctly every time without user interaction?


Re: IE Cash and Flash problem

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Travis seems to have solved your problem if you want to stick with the
flash slideshow format you used. I often use another format that might
or might not be of interest to you. See =
=2E I first make a high resolution mpg slideshow using Roxio's VideoWave
program. You can insert images as you wish for the slides without
having to resize them. You can manage the duration of each image. You
can add audio for each image or audio that spans the whole slide show.
The images you use can be in several formats and might be a photograph
or text you prepared using your favorite image tool. Once you have the
high resolution mpg, you can encode it into any of several formats
suited for a website. You can even give a selection from several
different formats as I have done. For the swf format, I encoded to FLV/
SWF which is very easy when you have the high resolution mpg to input
into the encoder. For flash, a frame rate of as little as 8 fps is
plenty unless you use some very elaborate transitions between frames.

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