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Does anyone know of any tools and resources for converting and analysing
pages to find out why they don't work in IE 7, this applies equally to
javascript (a little OT). The place I work at has a load of web
applications, which were designed in the Dark Ages and the management are
scratching their heads wondering why things designed for IE 4 don't work in
IE 7.

Regards, Chris.

Re: IE 7

On Sat, 11 Nov 2006 13:50:46 +0000, Chris wrote

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At a guess perhaps the management simply isn't investing enough
resources at maintaining its web-sites?

I think this is a very common problem with many

If you buy a shop on the high street to sell things then you keep the
interior of the shop up-to-date and you regularly maintain the exterior
so the shop looks good.

However I feel that frequently companies/organisations don't apply the
same "ongoing maintenance" approach to their web-sites.

Brighton, UK


Re: IE 7

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Having just spent most of today on this type of issue ... I wish I could
recommend some, but unfortunately there really isn't much out there. This is
not surprising because what do you mean when you say a page doesn't work?
How does a tool determine what it sees isn't what you were intending?

The best I can suggest is that you look at any validation errors - /
If you are tackling JavaScript issues then consider using the FireFox
browser. I have found the FireFox great for JavaScript, because its
JavaScript console lists each error with the line its on.

 If you are considering layout issues, then I think you are probably on your
own. One tip: be aware that the DocType declaration can make a big
difference to IE7 - the problem I was tackling today turned out to be the
DocType (even though it worked perfectly for IE6 and FireFox.

The other thing you could try is to post a page here for a critique.
Brian Cryer

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