IE 6 Win/IE 5 Mac - table shifted right

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Short version: I have a site which uses tables (please, no flames) to
organize various elements. These tables are enclosed inside DIVs whose
attributes are located in an externally-linked CSS file.

There's a header (DIV enclosed), then a DIV to contain the menu bar
and the body of the page.

The menu bar is a table and it is positioned correctly, flush left
with the left edge of the browser. The body of the page is in a table
which immediately follows the menu bar. This is where the page falls
apart. In Safari and FF it looks fine. In IE, that body table and
everything else as well which follows the menu bar table (again, both
enclosed in the same DIV) is all shifted to the right of the header
DIV, so that its left edge lines up with the right edge of the
preceding menu bar and header.

I've searched high and low, discovered many IE bug fixes, but nothing
which quite describes this. I'm hoping someone can help me narrow down
the IE bug I may be encountering here so that I can fix it.

If you'd like to inspect the code first-hand, go to:

and the CSS is at

many thanks in advance for your help.

Re: IE 6 Win/IE 5 Mac - table shifted right wrote:
Quoted text here. Click to load it

Yes, but not in the way you think.

Quoted text here. Click to load it

How it looks to me in Seamonkey:

That's what happens when you absolutely position text elements. The
boxes don't adapt to variations in the visitor's text size and you end
up with overlaps and clipped content. BTW, that's my enforced browser
minimum font-size kicking in. I like to be able to actually read text on
web pages, not just admire some design. ;)

Quoted text here. Click to load it

With 59 HTML validation errors on the page, I'm not surprised there are
display oddities in at least 1 browser. There are errors in the CSS, too.

Fix the errors first, then go from there, but I suggest getting rid of
the absolute positioning while you're at it.


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