I would like to organize my own wep page with paid d/loads.

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Where people would pay for d/loading my songs.

I've seen one page (you have to log in!) roughly how is done but I'm not
sure if asp have to be used for that purpose and I don't know anything
about asp!



Can some one put me into right direction in that matter?

Thanks in advance...

BTW. tried Google but without great success.

Re: I would like to organize my own wep page with paid d/loads.

Greg wrote:
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The most simple method likely is to use a web host that is set up for
selling things. Many such hosts have a special suite of programs that
will save you much time. Although I do not sell things, my domain host
is set up for eCommerce. Your need shopping carts. Your need secure
pages, or few are likely to give personal information needed for sales.
You likely need CGI or PHP to handle forms. You may want to set up to
charge to credit cards. We are talking about a set of a few related
pages to do all of this and more. A host provided suite of programs
will require some study to put in place, but it is orders of magnitude
more simple than attempting to write your own pages from scratch.

If you do not want to do all of the required work to set up a sales
site, would  eBay or some other sales service meet your needs?

Re: I would like to organize my own wep page with paid d/loads.

cwdjrxyz@yahoo.com wrote:
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Some muzos are doing like that, as Charlie Chan is doing and some of
them are doing very well.

They are using PayPal because they are charging $0.99 and PayPal
is doing for them a great service.

IMHO Itunes will shrink sooner or later because unknown muzos will be
far better of setting up own selling points than go to ITunes, where
they have equal chances to be found but money reward is far greater on
own page plus you will have to clear picture what is happening with your
advertising. You are simply monitoring all your actions.

I know about the band with so if d/loads will be bigger (more money)
I'll be better organize more bandwidth because I need and because now I
can afford.

Setting all these services you have mentioned is initially expensive and
not many will go for it, if they not sure, they will have money back.

Web designers sooner or later will be asked for this kind of initial
setup and when things will go great for an artist, they will progress
and spend more money on their pages.

I know I'm one of first but there will be more, as soon as muzos will
realize that Itunes or other services are not very rewarding for them.

Setups like these will become very popular very soon.


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