I *will* get it right .....

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but I'm not sure if I'll still(??) be sane when I do.

I had the positioning working correctly after John suggest I use float:both
for the .letterunit - but after taking off the borders and changing the
inner seperator to a wider 'border'(?) I'm back at the same place I was
before.  .letterunit {clear: both} moves the text and images to below the
index (as it appears does clear: left).  clear: right puts the text /
images back where they belong - until some section of the text is shorter
than the associated image (same song - second - third - fourth verse ....)
so that the next image / text pair shift to the right ....

There are several other 'little quirks' that these changes have introduced
- but this is my concern AGAIN DAMNIT! at the moment.

Would one of you brave souls tell me what I munged up and how to fix it,
I've spent the day in forefox changing css and I'm stuck again.

Of course, any other comments are appreciated - even when they lead me down
the primrose path ....


Re: I *will* get it right .....

On Sun, 28 Jan 2007 20:54:30 -0600, al jones wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

but it would help if I included a link again ... it's been a long day
http://aljones.us/630811vad.html shows the problem if the viewport is wide


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