I have modified my Home Page, but....

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Well, I have modified the home page of my web site as you have suggested,
putting in another page my Favor Cakes and other stuffs.
Now my Home page is clean and  nice to see (at least it's better than it was
in the past)
But....I am losing my visitors as can be seen in the visitor tracking.

The clear reason is that, before these variations, in my Home Page there
were a great quantity of key words (favor, cake, bonbonniere, wedding,
christening and so on).
Now I only have a few of those key words, so the page has been penalized in
terms of positioning and indexing.

For a useful ecommerce, is it better having a fine web site with a few
visitors, or a messy and unpleasant site with a crowd of visitors? The
second, surely.

Yes I know, it should be better having a fine site AND a lot of
visitors...but it really is difficult.
In Italy we say "avere la botte piena e la moglie ubriaca" that is having
the barrel full and the wife drunk - it is almost impossible.
I'll see what to do...

Re: I have modified my Home Page, but....

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Just a minute. If you know what words will help you in getting
more visitors, it could not possibly be hard to put them back in.

Just because someone has told you to cut down this and that and
make a better page, does not mean you simply cut and do no more.
Come on Paul, you can be flexible. You can put in links and
references, and there are millions of ways of designing to make
it seem a bt natural to use the words you want without making the
page bad and too long or repetitive etc.

If I have misunderstood you, I apologise in advance.


Re: I have modified my Home Page, but....

Paul wrote:
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I'm a little skeptical that search engine rankings would have adjusted
so quickly. Is it possible that orders are down because Christmas and
New Year's are past? Or is February just a slow month?

If you want to have more of the keywords on your home page, you might
want to use the space that you are currently using for non-keyword
material that could go on other pages. For example, you probably don't
expect to get business from people searching specifically for "sugared
almonds" or "resin" or "tiers". This material could be on a page called
"About our cakes or "How we package our cakes".

Re: I have modified my Home Page, but....

Harlan Messinger wrote:
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Ha, I'm sorry. You aren't describing how the cakes are packaged--you're
describing what the cakes *are*. That's different.

More thoughts:

1. "Bonbonniere" with a double-n is French. Are you expecting people to
find you if they're searching for that French word?

2. You don't have the plural "torte bonboniere" anywhere on your page.

3. When I Google on "torta bonboniera", you're one of the top couple of
retail hits on the page.

4. You come up on my first page of search results for "favor cake".

Never forget--you *are* competing with other businesses doing the same
thing you are. Your rankings can go up or down without your doing a thing.

Re: I have modified my Home Page, but....

Paul wrote:
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  Well February is a slow month. But you can satisfy your curiosity by
putting back up the old page. After all, most of myspace is a hideous
mess and it doesn't keep people out.

   Let us know.

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