I can't explain why my scripts run different (even with different style rendering) on two...

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I hit a veyr nasty error that I can't explain and it's giving me huge
headaches. Here's the situation: I developing a PHP + Javascript (Dojo
and plain javascript) application. The development environment on
local is wamp. Now the problem: after installing wamp on another
machine ( I forgot to tell you that the machines are windows ones,
mine is Vista, the other XP) and putting on all the files happen the
following things:

- Sometimes CSS affects the document in different ways (of course
using the same machine, the same browser (ie or firefox, no matter,
still the same result), e.g. looking at the same page will display
scrollbars on the server and won't on my machine. Or tables are
rendered differently.

- I got nasty errors from dojo when the app is on the server machine
(of course using the same browser).

I tried everything: clearing caches, cookies and whatever. I can't get
an explanation. I even copied on the server the very same php.ini
configuration file. - No Effect -

What can cause this unexplicable behaviour???? Any ideas...?? i'm
getting crazy because of this...

Re: I can't explain why my scripts run different (even with different style rendering) on two machines


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The first thing I do when I have rendering issues is validate the markup
and the CSS.  Then I clean up any errors and test again.  You might want
to test with Firefox Firebug on both machines as well.

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