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The following HTML command is on 'page 1.htm':
<A HREF="pagetogo.htm">Go to Page 2</A>
If I open Page 1 and click on 'Go to Page 2</A>
then I will go to Page 2.
What will be the command that I need to wrtite that if I open
Page 1, it will go from Page 1 to Page 2, without the need to click on
the 'Go to Page2'.


Re: Hyperlink

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why I

Your either new to usenet or unfamiliar with usenet etiquitte.

The way this works is that your post and others are a resource for others.
Not quoting any of the original post makes that impossible.

  The original response you got. Using a 301 or a 302 (for temporary)
response code is 100% correct. It is the best way to do that. Everything
else is a cludge.

Depending on your server, how you do that varies. You haven't mentioned if
this is Apache or what.

Most webhosts have a "control panel" where you can set htaccess (one correct
way of doing this, changing the Apache config is another, IIS has it's own
ways) without knowing anything about it. It's the same file that you use to
password protect. Typically that writes a .htaccess file that is placed in
that files folder that looks like this:

redirect 301 /page1.html  http://www.mydomain.com/page2.html

.htaccess files are hidden from your view when you FTP in, you just have to
trust that they are there.

If you have no access to your server or can't use htaccess (google that up).
Then you can use a meta refresh tag with an extra link to the page.

Now, I'm no expert on this. Hopefully someone will come along and clean up
the mistakes I've made.


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Re: Hyperlink

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Google yields this:

<URL: http://www.internetbasedmoms.com/articles2/301-redirect.html

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