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I want to secure a single page on a website because it will house
confidential information.  now I understand that I need to purchase an
SSL cert. and install it on my host server.  That part is fine.  But
how do I invoke the SSL cert. so that the page is https:// rather than

I know this is probably basic stuff, but I can't seem to find a good
tutorial on the matter.

Thank you for your time!


Re: https & ssl

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SSL certificates can be rather expensive, so don't purchase one until
you know exactly how to use it. If you do not own the server and rent
space on a server from a host, you likely need to read the detailed
information that the host usually supplies if they support SSL and
contact them if you have questions. A few hosts have made special
deals to get you a personal certificate at reduced, but still high,
cost. Others supply a house SSL certificate for their customers at no
extra cost. This will make a page secure, and likely will be good
enough if you just want to protect private information. However if you
are going to do things that require private information to be entered
into forms by others, many will not use your page unless you have a
certificate made out only to you. If you only need to make the page
private and your host does not have house SSL, it likely would be far
cheaper to rent space from another host that does  than it would be to
buy a personal certificate, which likely must be renewed at high cost
every year.

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My host provides a house ssl service at no additional charge, and it
is fairly easy to set up at the control panel. The url for a jpg I
have on the server is: To
connect to this same jpg using the house ssl connection, the url
Notice the ssl connection is routed through the host rather than my
domain, and the cwdjr.c6 specifies my account with the host. Different
hosts may have slightly different ways of doing this, and often all
you need is included on instructions provided by the host.

Re: https & ssl

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I get all my SSL Certs from GoDaddy - they charge around $30/yr.  I've
never found cheaper SSL Cert from a "name brand" company.

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