HTML6 - Standardisation for Internet Physics

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well when i made the suggestion that the term HTML be based on the phrase
'How To Meet Ladies' back in the 1980s when i was a child of 12. I didn't
realise nor I think the designers should noted that it would become a world
standard over gopher. The other suggestion was to make the Tags/Elements
based on the intials of Girls or girlfriends the developers know.

In HTML6 I suggest the elements are made on Female World leaders for the
purpose of internet physics. I also contributed to XML which was named on
the phrase, Extendable Manly Lads which was another usenet announce done in
the 1990s.

Of course with contributions to also TCP/IP 4 & 6, I experience the physical
footprint of the web at my house.

Anyway it is just a suggestion:

Simon Roberts

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