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Can you let me know if HTML5 affects the HTTP in any ways? ( What is
the co-relation between the 2?)

Will the client / server handing of HTTP be affected in any ways due
to HTML5?


Re: HTML5 and HTTP

pranay wrote:
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If you’re writing HTML 5 as HTML (ie. HTML5) then you won’t have any
issues serving the pages as you still use the MIME type text/html. If
you plan on writing HTML 5 as XHTML (ie. XHTML5), then you’ll likely run
into issues with Internet Explorer as you’d be serving the files with an
XML MIME type.

It’s important to note however that you can write HTML5 (ie. HTML 5 as
HTML) using an XHTML syntax (closing empty elements with a / etc) and it
will still be perfectly valid as either syntax is allowed within the
spec (as long as you’re writing as HTML5 not XTHML5).

It’s a little confusing at first, but once you get your head round it,
it makes perfect sense.

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Re: HTML5 and HTTP

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Why would it. HTTP is a protocol layed over TPC/IP for transferring data in
a certain way.

HTML is a markup language.

It's like asking if the new cars will alter the configuration of the road.

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