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I've not been following this.  Is HTML5 popular?

I remember that XHTML was going to take over from HTML4 but other than
introducing the XML terminology, old HTML 4 is still chugging along.

Does it look like 5 will be a winner?


Re: HTML5?

16.5.2011 23:16, JohnW-Mpls wrote:

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Yes, everybody and his brother talks about it. (I just finished writing
a book on it. Sorry, it will be in Finnish, but it's an easy language.)

Some people even _use_ some HTML5 constructs. Some of them are "safe" to
use already, some of them can be used with precautions that handle
non-supporting browsers, and some of them can be used with caution
(e.g., in intranets where you can expect everyone to use the newest
Firefox or the newest Chrome).

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Yes, there was a lot of talk about it. XHTML didn't really die, it just
became relatively uninteresting. HTML5 is really about HTML at the
document tree level, and the tree can be linearized as good old HTML or
as XHTML, as you like (and sometimes you can like XHTML, because your
HTML5 document is to be sent to some XML-aware, maybe XML-only software).

 > but other than
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It's just being transmogrified to HTML5.

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It seems that we don't really know what the future HTML will be, except
that it will be called HTML5. :-)

Seriously, though I keep emphasizing that HTML5 is just a draft, or
drafts (WHATWG HTML5 and W3C HTML5, which are developed together but not
identical), it seems to be converging and getting implemented. But parts
thereof are still at stake

Yucca, /

Re: HTML5?


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Thank you very much - just the information, with opinion, that I was hoping
to receive.

Good luck with sales of your book.  Trying to find something in an O'Reilly
book today, I realized that for me, the index is the most used part of
technical manuals.


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Re: HTML5?

On 5/16/2011 4:16 PM, JohnW-Mpls wrote:
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Note the widespread lack of support by IE versions less than 9.

The playing field most of us want is being able to write cross browser,
and that has largely been done by either waiting for older browsers to
die or not caring about them. Caring about IE support, does not mean
liking IE.

I've never had any love for Flash, neither does Apple. It appears to me
that HTML 5 is essential for iPhone/iPad multimedia as they do not
support Flash. So, once again it is having to write differently to cover
all browsers, in this case one for IE and one way for Apple.

If you are not considering multimedia, there are few worries. But this
is increasingly a video web. So, it's another mess, for probably another
4 or 5 years. I'm thrilled.


Re: HTML5?

On Mon, 16 May 2011 15:16:16 -0500, JohnW-Mpls wrote:

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I've seen a number of designers using it. I bought a book today from
Sitepoint titled "HTML5 & CSS3 for the Real World". I bought the digital
version which is only $17.

This was after I had a look at the free chapters they offer. It looked to
me like it would be a good study. If you're interested in having a look at
the free chapters, follow this link:

I'm not affiliated with Sitepoint in any way.

Steve MacLellan

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