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i am planning to create a data dictionary document using HTML. I am
using MS Word as editor.

i wish to create a content page with hyperlink to each data field

eg main.html
1) Field 1        Char          To store age
2) Field 2        Char          To store name
3) Field 3        Date          To store DOB

each field will be hyperlink a html file itself. eg F1.html,F2.html

in each Fx.html file, my layout at present is :

Section 1 : Difintion
Section 2 : Checks
Section 3 : Code description

My question :
If in the near future, i wish to add it Section 1.1 and Section 4 to
the layout. I can edit the content of the new sections for the
different data fields though.

may i know is there a way for me to change just 1 layout template
instead of adding these new sections 1 by 1
in all the Fx.html files ? The number of data fields can go into

I wish to plan it now so that i do not have to go thru massive
maintenance effort later.

thank you
Boon Yiang

Re: HTML - Template, change only one copy for all files

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First, don't use Word as an editor.  You will experience many issues in
the future.

This is time consuming, but easier than you think it may be. I would use
PHP and mySQL, and get away from any Office Product for this purpose.

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